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I've had two short stories and one essay published. I'm currently working on a "coming of age" novel set in the 1960's. I started this blog with the hope that I could share what I've learned/am learning about writing with other people and would get some of the same in return. If you know of anyone who might be interested in such a blog, please let that person or persons know about "The Writing Process." 7-8-12 I haven't worked on the novel for quite some time and doubt that I will take it up again. I'm currently working on a short story that I have high hopes for--or, if you prefer, for which I have high hopes. There is the possibility that I'll try another novel with some of the characters in this short story. Current and probable title: Not a Blind Date

Saturday, January 10, 2009


In the fall of 2008, a friend started a blog that focuses on spiritual issues. She urged me to start my own and suggested I make it a "writing blog."

I've kept a writing journal(s) for a number of years and have occasionally thought of keeping a separate one for writing concepts and techniques that I deem really important, that I don't want to forget. So, if nothing else, this blog may fill that role.

But my hope is that at least a few people read my blog and get some ideas that help them as they learn--you never stop learning even if you've published a ton of work--and that I'll get some comments that help me. I've always been facinated by the writing process, mine and other people's.